5 Biggest Dating Mistakes Guys Make

These Mistakes Kill Your Chance of Getting That Hot Chick.

Okay time to keep it real for a second, Most guys fuckin suck when it comes to getting girls,

They say the wrong thing & get constantly nervous & starts overthinking. But since you’ve followed me on Insatgram for getting updates of my new articles then you’re quite the opposite. You’re a fuckin legend when it comes to getting girls, but not all legends are without flows.

So today I gonna be showing you some of the common dating mistake I see guys make. That prevents them from scoring big with those smokin-HOT babes & make sure you stick around until the end, so you don’t miss any of these mistakes,
Because chances are you’re probably making them!

1 )Being Overly Interested Too Early On

This is a huge mistake, most guys starts showing the girl way too much interest from the start, that scares her off & weird her out. HOT GIRLS are usually getting a lot of attention from guys 24×7. So, when you show too much interest in the beginning, they’ll just lump you IN all those other losers who’re after them all the time. So just take a step back & relax!

I promise you, the Hot baby you just met isn’t the love of your life okay!

you probably just a little too horny & over excited. Take a step back, evaluate rationally.

If you make yourself too available and give it to her too easily.

Then there’s no chase and no interest to be developed on her end.

Girl’s Love The Chase.

Especially in the beginning, because it shows you have abundance and creates urgency

That urgency is what’s gonna make her into you and make her take action to start pursuing you.

Think of it like this, when you do the opposite & show too much interest early on, it makes you like thirsty as fuck since you’re basically begging to hook up with her. You know by the stupid shit you’re doing.

Early on you need to play it cool & make her Own your interest in time. Because otherwise she’ll just assume that you’re not a cool guy with abandons & not other hot girls must like you.

Why would you give a girl whom you just met & barely even know so much time & thought. Exactly!

2) Not Making Your Intentions Known From The Start

Because of  nervousness guys will some times not be flirty & instead just act friendly to a girl they just meet.

When you first meet a girl, she’s typically categories-ing you as a potential boyfriend material  Or she’ll just put you in a friend category or something like that,

You Have a limited amount of time to make a lasting impression when you first meet a girl

So, it’s best to make your intentions clear from the start by flirting with her.

And making it known that you’ve categorized her as a potential girlfriend material as opposed to just a friend

You see this is crucial because if you meet a girl & only ever act friendly towards her,

Then suddenly you tell her 2 months later that you like her,

then she’ll be like what the fu*k ? why did you wait so long to tell me? I thought we are just friends.

And trust me, that’s the last thing you want.

Take advantage of that first impression by showing her that you’re a good romantic match for her.

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3) Texting way too much

This one is so fuckin common & its probably the biggest mistake in the list.

Guys spend way too much time texting the girl & trying to talk to her 24×7.

That makes you look way too needy & obsessive, I said this before & I’m saying it again,

“Texting should be used to setup plans to hangout in person!”

It shouldn’t be used to talk to the girl 24×7.

So that you can confirm that she likes you.

Because news flash-

-“Just because she responds doesn’t mean she’s into you!”

-“Girl’s text guys when they are bored all the time!”

Texting her 24×7 is like sending her 10 Diwali gifts.

What’s the fuckin point!

4) Being too Reactive to the Girl

Because so many guys are nervous and constantly seeking approval from the girl. It forces them to unconfident & overreact on anything & everything girl does.

If a girl doesn’t respond to there text within 5 minutes, they freak out a little & act like it’s a biggest deal on the world.

Or if a girl is acting a little different than usual, they start interrogating with her to figure out what’s wrong, making you look insecure & obsessive!

Just do your own thing & don’t be so easily moved or shakin by how she reacts!

Someone who acts dependent on another person’s behavior is unattractive as fuck!
because it shows lack of confidence and a weak personality.

You should be leading the interactions and letting her be reactive to them!

Girls like a guy who’s In-charge and In-Control
because too many guys are too nervous and insecure to lead.

So once you do it, you got it in a bag bro!

5) Not Hanging Out with Her Fast Enough

Similar to what I said earlier about not making your intention clear from the start, even worse if not hanging out with the girl fast enough.

A super easy way to make your intentions clear, Invite the girl to hangout relatively soon after you guys meet.

Typically, I try to hangout with a girl within the first week of getting her number or talking to her.

If for some reason it takes longer, then 2 weeks could also work as well.

But usually if you wait any longer than 2 weeks to ask the girl hangout then it’s likely she’s gonna write you off & lose any potential romantic interest in you.

By that, you know man, shit moves fast in the dating world

I mean besides what are you trying to do anyways?

Spend all this time talking to a girl & thinking about her just to not hangout with her?

And there you have it. That’s it.

In summary :           

  • Being overly interested too early on
  • Not making intentions clear from the start
  • Texting way too much
  • Not hanging out with her fast enough
  • Being too reactive

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