5 Tricks To STOP Being Shy & Introverted!

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What’s up gentlemen,

Today I wanna talk little bit about being an introvert. Because I think there is a lot of confusion that if you are introvert, this automatically means that you’re shy & that you don’t like being around with people.

When in reality being introverted really means that you enjoy & get recharged in terms of your energy level being by yourself.

It may come as a bit of shock but I consider myself  an introvert with an extroverted tendency

I get & feel better when I’m by myself.

I like people, I like talking to people, I like being social, but to a point.


If I’m out too much & I’m talking to too many peoples that gets a little bit uncomfortable & I just wanna go be by myself & this is the way I’m kind of always been but I know that its important for introverts to be a little bit more outgoing & be a little more extrovert

Or else they gonna potentially miss out a lot of opportunity & great relationships & friends.

I think that we do need some sort of balance, so today I’d like to go over 5 tricks that I use to be less introverted.

1) Stop Self-isolating

 I know for me & probably for you if you are introverted,

Your natural tendencies are like to be by yourself,

People ask you to go do things, you think about it

Because ah I don’t know if it is exactly something I wanna do.

Say yes to the invitation & Go! But, it’s a very important but, is HAVE AN ESCAPE PLAN!

Umm one of the things that I find,

I always leave parties early, one of the reason I don’t drink, so be able to just get my car & go.

And do if you are somebody who is a little bit sort of uneasy about going somewhere from a long time. GO! But have a plan with how you gonna get out.

2) Spend More Time with your Extroverted Friends

Everybody got those extroverted friends that they’re very outgoing & they get there energy by being social, they are always doing stuff, always going places, always posting crazy things on instagram, snapchat.

Like you know, you’ve got them, and one tip or trick I would say, spend a little more time with them.

I’m not saying all weekends or everyday but see what they are up to, because they will help you draw out of yourself a lil’bit but as I said, have an escape plan!

The 3rd trick is not for introvert or extroverts its for all of us,

3) Ask the people you’re talking to about them!

I don’t wanna talk about me but other people wanna talk about themselves. So a great tip & trick is when you’re out or about to being social & having that casual conversation,

Ask about they’re interested In, & what they do for work or what they do for fun, & they are passionate about.

If you’re somebody who wants to be less introverted & get out more & experience more because you feel like you’re missing something,

 4) Don’t run from the nervousness

Umm because I think that for me one of the reasons why I don’t go do things is that I’m nervous

that I’m not gonna have anything to talk about or I’m gonna be bored & that I gonna be hate it.

And you get nervous to going to social situation & being around people.

& it’s make you feel like more uncomfortable.

You gotta embrace the nervousness guys, it’s okay! The more you practice, the more you get out of it, the more you try to be extroverted & just social, the better you gonna get & less nervous you going to feel.

And last but certainly not least,

5) Accept that it’s okay

….. accept that you wanna be by yourself sometimes & that you need,  yourself & your mind bring alone in order to recharge your batteries its okay. With all the content with all the social media & stuff that’s all around everyday nonstop.

I really feel like for introverts or socialhalf’s  for people that like being by themselves, it always makes you feel like you shouldn’t, you’ve always gotta be like paying attention , you’ve always like to be coming & engaging,

Like honestly, is unplugging just realize like Yo I need my time away from the noise, I don’t wanna be around people all the time, but I do enjoy getting out there being social but It’s okay to be introverted and umm it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s the way you are.

But hopefully you can develop some skills so you can have an incredible life.

& that’s it. If you enjoyed & learned something be sure to comment down below & follow me on instagram.

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