Can’t Focus on Study Or Work? Let Me Help!

If you enjoy Sleeping, Staying in the same space for hours, Watching Youtube, Movies, tv shows, eating snacks, talking and chatting on the phone for hours on end!

If You Hate moving your limbs to reach out for something,  and take pride in it, then either you have accepted Death, Or you are fully Satisfied with your life.

Which means you should Close this Post right now!

Or you are among-st the biggest idiots on the planet, because you are simply waiting for life to knock you the fuck out!!


You Can Consume the entire knowledge of this world, but if you don’t apply it, it’s useless.
I can scream and shout and give you solutions, ways, answers, but if you simply get satisfied with knowing, Then I have wasted my time.

If you want to change your life, then I am sorry, you will have to cut your sleep, give up resting, give up hours on your phones, give up friends who encourage this behavior, give up a lot of fun,

cut off all the people who take up most of your time because Until now, You have been doing this shit

I am sorry, there isn’t a formula, there are no short-cuts, except for one,

become “extremely skilled”!

But it won’t happen overnight,

it will take months, weeks after weeks, and you will want to give up, But don’t!

and that’s the secret, don’t give up at any cost.

Everyone around you has given up and made settlements with mediocrity.

Why do you think the world’s richest and the most elite are called the 1% ?

Because those 1% don’t know the meaning of giving up.

And if you are the type who gets spell-bounded by beautiful women, I don’t have to tell you the kind of beautiful women they go out with. You wanna date the hottest girl around you? USE IT AS YOUR MOTIVATION.

Do not stop working on yourself, And I will not stop making blogs that put a fire under your asses.


Get up right now and get going. (Utho aur lag jao!)

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Gagan Manchanda

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  1. Hello sir I want to know how to wake up early it’s not that I’m not able to its because I can’t .I wake up but sleeps back….I go for coaching from 7am to 9pm and I feel tired in morning.

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