How do I talk to Girls?

7 killer tips for approaching women successfully.

Let’s face it up

approaching beautiful ladies is the saddest story of most of the guys out there.

You see beautiful ladies with fabulous feminine qualities and all you want is to make her yours.

You keep staring and staring, your brain flooded with dopamine and you wish you could approach her.

But you can’t because you don’t know how and you are afraid of rejection. You believe you need to be special to get those pretty women. but Don’t worry I’m here to help.

Try These Things & Thank Me Later.


Every female friend I’ve got told me they want the most is confidence in a man.

I don’t really care if that girl is introvert or extrovert, or she looks at you or frowns at you, just approach her like a man.

Stand tall, open your chest, put a smile on your face, meet her eye and say hello. This is sensible because this is how you approach strangers when you want to look memorable.

You shouldn’t go with your shoulder slumped or with a nervous look on your face as if you are approaching a goddess.

I have talked with various girls who told me they like guys who are nervous but bold enough to approach them. So don’t be scared of your voice shaking, it’s your boldness that matters.

And the beauty here is that you don’t really need to be confident, you probably won’t be until you have approached hundreds of women, but women respect being bold. So fake that confidence, take a deep breath and go talk to her like it’s no big deal.


This is so important it’s almost impossible for you to succeed if you don’t do this. Making eye contact shows women that you are confident in yourself.

I’ll advise you to make eye contact with the woman even before you approach her so that she can know she is on your radar. Meet her eye and then wink or smile at her.

As you approach her confidently, meet her eyes with a sly grin on your face. Then as you are talking with her, don’t glance around like a fool, pay her all your damn attention and focus on her eyes.


This is usually a laughing topic with my girlfriends. If you experience one of our sessions, you won’t use any line again in your life.

Lines are foolish and generic and the only women it works on are dafts and weirdos who you should never be with in the first place.

Women are not mysterious creatures, they are humans and you should approach them like such. Just go with a casual conversational starter.

Start with hello or hey there.

For me at times I tell them straight up that I’m bored and just feel like talking to her since she looked interesting. At times I comment on what he is doing or the environment.

You don’t need stupid lines or tricks to make her like you, you only need HEY WHAT’S UP I’M Shourya


I love checking out other posts on a topic before I write so I can reference and look smart to you guys. But what I saw on Google was just disappointing nonsense that has no relation to reality.

I was seeing these nonsense about proceeding from one level to another in your conversation and some utter rubbish about relation, fraction and comfort.

You don’t need any of that to get women, you only need to make causal conversation with her. Aim to familiarize yourself, don’t lie or start bragging to impress her. Talk to her like a normal stranger and if you don’t know how, I’ll urge you to improve your social skills.

So just ask her questions, talk about the surroundings, talk about what you notice about her and get to know each other.

That’s all. That’s how I get girls. That’s how everyone I know gets girls. Thinking about what to do makes you conscious and fake which leads to rejection.

Just go to have a normal conversation, but do


The only thing you need to do differently in your approach is flirting. It’s a must do so the lady can feel special than other ladies around her.

You should focus exclusively on her and make her feel special. If she is in the midst of her friend, pay more attention to her than the others and if she is alone, don’t glance around while talking to her.

Also give her genuine compliments and really listen to her. But thread with caution because this is where most guys fuck up, they heap loads of fake compliments on the girl, but that doesn’t work.

If the lady is pretty, she probably gets these cheesy compliments all the time, so you have to be different.

Don’t compliment her looks or dresses too much, but the subtle things she goes. You can say you like they way she smiles. You can say you love something she did or they way she reacts to you.

Give her genuine compliments that other stupid guys won’t notice. This shows her that you think she is special and you are paying attention to her. Girl fucking love this.


On more thing about approaching women is that you have to do it with caution, some obnoxious guys are fond of tampering with the women they meet so this occurrences has made women scared of some guys.

So you should always observe that you don’t make her uncomfortable by moving too close to her or blocking her way. Women sort of love their freedom.

So try to face her diagonally and don’t stand across her. If you are talking already and you then realize she starts to get uncomfortable, kindly check if you ain’t blocking her way.


You shouldn’t advertise to girls that you have no life nor should you forget that you are still partially a stranger.

I’ve add the most success with approaching beautiful women when I don’t overstay my welcome. So just get in, make your conversation, make her laugh and have a good time, then ask for her number or ask her out.

Don’t go make some useless conversations for hours like she is your old friend, she is not, she is the woman you want so don’t stay too long.

Let her know what you want ASAP and then kindly leave her to enjoy her time.

And that’s it.

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