How to Be Happier & Positive All the Time

The Truth About Happiness

I’m a God, & You know my life is fuckin awesome, & since I’m  generous God I thought I should let you know the hacks I use to make my life awesome.

Let’s not beat around bullshit & get straight into the good stuff.

1) Respect Your Inner Voice and Learn to Say No.

I can guarantee you that in one point of life you did something that you did not wanted to do at all

All because you let somebody else influence you.

So you ended up being stuck in situation because you don’t have the guts to say No.

Now this applies to things big & small,

Maybe somebody asked you to go to an event that you just weren’t interested

Or you let some teacher force you into taking a class you didn’t want instead of the class you were actually interested in.

Doing Less is Often the easiest way to make your life More Awesome.

Because it allows you to spend your time doing MORE of what you really want.

These instances big & small,  where you don’t respect your inner voice and fail to say no,

Lead you to doing things that make you unhappy and simply wasting time on the things you don’t want to be doing.

& when you don’t respect your inner wants & Desires, you put your own happiness on Hold for someone else’s.

& Lowering your self-worth and confidence because you don’t have the dignity or respect for yourself to do that you actually wanna be.

No matter who you are – you can break-out living this way!

But the longer you do it for & the more commitments you make along the way

The harder it gets

So instead of living listening the voice of other people’s around telling you what to do

Listen to yourself and do what you feel is right to you.

Now this doesn’t mean to ignore people’s advice & suggestions,

It just means to take what they saying & Analyse rationally.

Then ultimately make a decision for yourself based on what feels right.

2) Take Constant actions.

People Tend to overthinking there next move & planning shit years in advance.

Well let me tell you. That’s bullshit!

What you should focus on is taking action and thinking about Your Moves step by step as they come.

You should spend most of your mental energy on the current day & really focus on operating perfectly on day to day basis.

Instead of creating a master plan for 5 Years That impossible to follow through it.

It’s best to identify what you Want to achieve long-term and then focus on executing it everyday instead of trying to plan out every little detail,


Things are bound to change.

Focus on taking constant action towards the things you want,

& adapting as you desires & circumstances change.

3) Create Routines That Ground You.

Having Daily Routines that you enjoy doing it & makes you feel good are crucial to make each day awesome.

Things Like :





-Reading My blogs

& everything in between.

Find a few daily routines & habits that you love doing it & they will serve to create a daily dose of happiness

While also grounding & keeping your mind sharp.

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4) Keep things Fresh by Constantly Trying New things.

Before you really find out In what you wanna put majority of your energy,

You should try as many things you can.

To figure out what you like doing the most.

& as I said before, the main thing is doing & taking action.

Don’t spend months thinking about a field you want to get into.

And then overthinking a project when you don’t know a shit about what you’re doing.

When you get an idea that you think is cool to work on,

Just start working on it!

Usually you tend to learn the most once you just start doing.

You will start to see new opportunities and new levels you can take your project to when you focus on the present moment and the shit that’s actually happening around you,

Or You might see that idea was shit and nothing you are actually passionate about, so you can drop it,

Which is also extremely important to do.

5) Create a set of core values and rules to live by.

When you have a set of values & rules which you live by is a guide.

A handbook which helps provide clarity and a framework for how you operate and who you are as a person.

Without any values & things you believe In

It’s hard to know who you are as a person and these values and rules you create for yourself are what can help you grounded in difficult times.

Now in addiction you should know,

-what you like

-what you don’t like

-what environment you want to be in

-what are your capabilities

-what are your strengths

-what are your weaknesses

-and so on

The More You Understand Yourself,  The Better.

6) Be Authentic

One of the worst thing you can do in life is hide what you believe In & who you are.

You can’t ever be truly happy from inside if you put on a fake side everyday.

More importantly,  when you are authentic & real,

It gains people’s respect.

After end of the day, its your life

So you should be living it for you & nobody else.

7) Stay focused on your goals.

Staying focused on your goals creates a defined path for you to be on.

And gives your life a purpose and meaning.

When you find the thing you really want to pursue,

Stay focused  and keep working on that goal.

Because the daily process of improving and working towards something is what will give your life true meaning.

And that’s it.

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