How to Get Over Rejection – How to Get Over Your Ex & Breakup

Have You Ever Been Rejected?

-Yes you have.
Everyone has!

Don’t be that one guy who’s like
naww bro, I’m so alpha, I’ve literally never been rejected! Hehe hastag #stuff

Shut up it happens to everyone!

Yeah it’s even happen to me, wait has it ? hold on let me dig for this one aa ah YEAH it has, so don’t sweat it


 And today I’m gonna teach you how to not let REJECTION bother you ever again.


whether you have girlfriend or Not
You Talking to a girls or not

You always wanna have some other shits going on in your life,

Hobbies, goals, friends, stuff you like doing

Like I said in one of my previous posts

“A girl is like a protein shake”

That means a girl is like a supplement to a good life!

She shouldn’t be the only thing in your life that you care about.


“If you’re a cool guy & you get girls, you gonna be happy because you are a cool guy who get girls”

“if you’re a loser, and you get a girl, well you’re still a loser, you’re just a loser with a girl”



Getting girls is important but it’s not the only important thing in your life. Period!

If you have other shit going on in your life, you not gonna be completely crushed when REJECTED or Dumped.

On top of that you will be more attractive anyway

because you won’t give off a vibe that you only care about one thing in the world & it’s them or her.

Step 2

if you do get rejected, the first thing I’d like to do,

I’ll figure out if I did something wrong!

Were you a little TOO NEEDY?

you say something awkward?

Did you text her too much?

Use it as a learning experience & don’t make the same mistakes again.

If you’re learning algebra, (X+1) (Y-2)

& you get a problem wrong,

you’re not gonna be like god fuckin damn it Fuckkkkkkhhh & get all depresses,

No you just figure out what you did wrong & learn from it.

Don’t spend too much time on this step  though!

Because sometimes the girl aren’t gonna like you

Maybe she’s already into another guy

Maybe she has one of those on-again-off-again boyfriends.

Maybe she’s just in a bad mood!

Or she’s racist hah Lol. Whatever.

Don’t let it destroy your confidence. Because it’s not that big thing to deal

Using the algebra again,

if you get a problem wrong, are you not gonna start breaking the pencils & ripping the pages out of your notebook & saying fuck I’m so dumb & I suck it man, I never gonna get things right.

NO WAY. You just gonna keep learning new stuff & keep trying to get it.

Step 3

Never sit around feeling sorry for yourself

If you got rejected NO BIG DEAL.

If you find yourself sitting around beating yourself up about it.

Just pause, take a step back & realize that beating yourself up doesn’t do anything or help you anyway.

You just get back out there & keep trying,

what you need to do is read some epic Socialhalf Articles & Follow me on instagram for great godly advice.

Just don’t let yourself getting into one of those negative spirals

Because they don’t help anyone. Plus they’ll make you look even less attractive to other girls because it’s like they can smell the negativity.

They see it in your Body language, facial expression, your overall attitude,

I actually have one friend with  every time I go out he talks to a bunch of girls, and always get shot down by first couple of girls he talks too. Always getting into it. (ALWAYS GETS REJECCTED AT FIRST)

But you know the secret is

The Second he gets rejected , he walks away, UNPHASED, and just moves on to the next girl without even thinking twice, because he’s so confident in himself that he doesn’t let rejection bring him down or effect his self worth.

Step 4

if you were in a long term relationship & you got dumped!

Delete her phone number, block her from social media.

Don’t do that thing where you constantly checking her Facebook to see what she’s doing. It’s creepy & doesn’t help you get over her!

Just cut contacts & be done with it.

Just let go the bitch & work on your self worth & prove yourself! Start eating healthy, exercising, building your relationship with friends & family!

Taking classes, Learning skills & pursuing hobbies, you’ll get to the point where you’re happy Whether you’re single or in a relationship. & at that point you become much more attractive.

Like I said a girlfriend isn’t a entire workout, she’s just a supplement which you take after you already have a good workout going on.

Even though this is a dating advice blog, I’m still not gonna bullshit here

You guys know I’m not about that.

“Girls aren’t the most important thing in the world, and once you realize going after them is less of an desperate need and a more of a fun hobby, you’ll enjoy the life more,

In Summary :

  • Have other shit going on in your life
  • If you get rejected, figure out if you did anything wrong, and learn from it
  • Understand that sometimes girls just aren’t interested. Even I get rejected sometimes OCASSIONALY!

Don’t feel sorry for yourself, if you get dumped, cut contact with the girl and start moving on already.

Getting rejected is like losing a game with your friends, its little disappointing but not that much & you immediately move on &

forget about it. Fuck I’m literally the analogy god right now lol

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