PCOS/PCOD Diet Plan For Weight Loss

It’s a diabetic friendly diet plan to lose weight fast the aim of this meal plan is a lifestyle modification, improving insulin sensitivity and lowering body fat levels, & I’m not going to make it complicated & by confusing you in calories counting.

So apart from following this meal plan you also need to put in an effort to exercise.
Consistent and regular exercise and that does not mean you need to do a high intensity workout.

Moderate exercise regularly is the key here
A 30-40 minute walk would be ideal to start with.


PCOS is a hormonal disorder, causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. The exact cause is unknown, but it is considered a hormonal problem. Genetics & environmental factors are believed to be involved in the development of Pcos.

PCOS is also negatively affected by diet & lifestyle.
So, with this meal plan “Lets Heal PCOS with Food”. Most of you know
Pcos in Detail, so I am not going in depth about it. But I will be sharing some tips and why I use certain food in this meal plan.

SO LET’S GET STARTED WITH THE DIET PLAN, which will help you to lose 5-10kgs if you stick to it.

Start your Day with –

Moringa Juice, add  (2 tsp.) of Moringa powder in water, mix it well & Drink everyday.
you can get Moringa powder From Here.
After drinking go for a 30-35 minutes of walk or Do Yoga, Exercise is must for healing PCOS & the reason I mentioned earlier that you need to put an effort. If you cannot go out for a walk everyday, you can do 20-25 minutes of jumping in the comfort of your room, take a short 1 minute rest after jumping for every 4-5 min. & then continue your jumps.

To heal yourself with food you need to go gluten free and that means no refined wheat products Like Maida, rawa, suji, & no refined sugar and oil, no processed food like biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, wafers etc. Avoid Milk, Ice-creams and the good news is you can have homemade curd, homemade paneer, & heathy fats like natural peanut butter, food made in coconut oil, olive oil, ground nut oil, mustard oil etc
and remember that you should be having whole grains and not refined and if you wish to have homemade whole wheat roti then it is best to have it for breakfast after ur exercise.

Breakfast options :

  1. a) Roti with Boiled Daal, Rajma, Chole, with less salt & spices.
    b) Boiled eggs with a Bowl of Oats
    c) boiled Chicken breast in salt & pepper with any seasonal fruit



Lunch options :

  1. Peanut butter Sandwich (Natural peanut butter only & Sundrop brand is a big no no)
  2. Vegetable Salad
  3. Sweet potatoes


Dinner options :

  1. Curd bowl with a bite of Dark Chocolate (82% of coco in chocolate)
  2. Protein Smoothie ( add a Scoop of whey protein, a cup of oats, handful of walnut/cashews/almonds & blend it on high speed in a blender. Serve chilled
  3. Paneer paratha made with fresh home made paneer with a pinch of olive oil


Mid Day Hunger – Snack options :

  1. A cup of coffee/Green Tea
  2. A glass of your favorite flavor of BCAA
  3. Apple cider vinegar
  4. Berries
  5. Lemonade
  6. Kale
  7. Chia seeds
  8. Broccoli


Now, exercising is Must.  Do walking or jumping in the morning & I strongly recommend joining any sort of fitness classes like aerobics, gym, zumba, dance, or swimming class. It will make you physically stronger & you will feel better about yourself.

For even Faster Results you can use few Natural Supplements Like CLA, L-carnitine, Fat burners And Multivitamins

You Can also Contact me For online guide.

Sleep is another important strategy , try to sleep at the same time everyday and wake up at the same time. Irregular bedtimes and can also leave a negative impact on your hormones , get a nice peaceful sleep. Remember late nights also mean a bloated body and sugar cravings in the next morning.

So get at least 8 hours of regular sleep and that matters a lot in dealing PCOS

This meal plan has 3 meals with food options & I left some snack options so you don’t feel hungry throughout the day.  If you find this blog useful drop a comment below.

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