The Only Reason Why You Should Marry Someone!

So why should people Marry?
The Answer is, there is no reason to marry someone other than friendship.

Think About It
you’re going to spend your entire life with that person, which means after a certain time you’ll have to tolerate that person, and who is the single person you’ve happily tolerated your entire life? It’s your friend.

“when marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory.

A very basic question

forget sex
forget her body
forget everything

Just focus on her Personality, and ask yourself honestly,

what do you like about her personality?
what do you dislike in her personality?

Are the dislikes more than the likes?
forget her face
forget how beautiful she is

Do you enjoy talking with this person?
Or do you prefer your friends when you just want to talk?

why am I asking these questions?
because if your Love or fascination is strictly restricted to her beauty, you have to understand that her beauty will decline as you age.
At 35, she will half as pretty as she used to be at 25.
So the hotness, for most of its part, will be gone,
and you will still be married to her Personality.

And the girls who fascinated by Money
maybe the transition from middle class to a rich lifestyle might feel exciting to you at first,
but for how long do you think you can prolong the excitement?

There will come a time when that transition will become permanent and then you’d be used to being a rich person.
And being rich will become just as boring as it is being in any other financial state if you are with a person you don’t love.

People get blinded by hotness, by money,
not that money is not important, but it shouldn’t be the only important thing in the world.

And if you’re so Concerned about hotness,

Anybody can be Hot
hotness has nothing to do with looks, it’s all about your presence and your physique!
if you are thin or over-weight, EXERCISE! And get in the best shape of your life, you will become HOT!

Looks don’t matter because when it comes to sex, our brains still function on a primate level.
women unconsciously respond greatly to guys who are muscular and in great shape. And so does Men,
we unconsciously focus and respond to the size of breasts or the posterior of the girls
People respond to physique more than just looks!!

So guys, sum this up, I only have one thing I would want you to consider;
She might have the greatest pair of.. books in her shelves, but don’t be impressed and blinded by those books.
The cover might look very interesting to you, but a day will come when you’d be bored of reading the same content again and again.

And then you’d be attracted to other books, and you might one day secretly read another book very badly.
And if you do that, the whole point of committing to those first books was pointless, and you have wasted years of your life.

Now, none of what I have said absolute. I would love to learn from you as well
So do comment below your personal thoughts & reasons to marry
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