You Are Alone

You are alone. no matter how many friends you make, how many stops you take,

Whichever directions you may go, whichever seeds you may sow,

Your Path has to be walked by you.


Your friends are semblances of noises that fill your head,
with no activities left,

You reach for love to hide from that dread, but the dread wouldn’t go,
and it will keep coming back, until you finish the journey yearning for your steps.

Your friends will most definitely go,  move on and dispassionately remember
what you used to be a long time ago;

Your love will increasingly invert in the diversification of her interests,
Your role in her history will be long forgotten and summarized in instances of jest.

For you
do not realize the series of now you have abandoned,
some for sleep and some for entertainment,
And you couldn’t even see until they brought you down to your knees,

So rise and retrospect to find your way,
there is a tomorrow every single day,
indulge in hearing the sound of your pain;
lashing out in anger, they ask for change.

It’s time to forego the remains of the maimed,

What’s lost is lost and will stay lost in the reserves of upraised,

It’s not the man in you but the titan you need to now embrace.

So rise my brothers, and take back everything you have lost,
nothing less and everything mor


But stop falling for traps of temporary happiness,
friendship utopias, the insignificant thrills of falling in love everytime a girl texts you back.

YOU ARE ALONE, you either finish the journey, or you stay lost your entire life.

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Gagan Manchanda

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